Other Industrial Applications

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Other Industrial Applications

We emerged in 2013 with special batteries for multirotor applications, such as aerial photography. In the beginning, it was a regular soft case LiPo battery, but as it found success in aerial applications, the need for these batteries skyrocketed. These activities included mapping, surveying, agricultural, security, etc. High demand for more functionality to achieve our clients’ needs pushed us to improve our batteries. Therefore, we added a hard case and PCB onto the batteries, they are more multifunctional and quickly applicable to many other fields.

Smart Battery Feature:

  • Overcharge Protection
  • Charging Short Circuit Protection
  • High/Low Temperature Charge Protection
  • Storage Self-discharge Function
  • Voltage Anomaly Warning
  • SMBUS Communication Port to read Voltage, Temperature, Cycle times, Capacity etc

Application – UAV Battery

Aerial Photography





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