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Power Tools

Neidhart International power tool batteries are made of high-quality LiPO pouch cells and are integrated with a BMS. Compared to the conventional cylindrical Li-ion power tools batteries, we provide more powerful discharge performance, longer run time and cycle life. Neidhart International power tool batteries are completely compatible with original power tools.


  • More powerful current discharge performance.
  • Higher discharge platform with longer working time per charge.
  • Lighter weight and low-temperature rise.
  • Integrated multi-protection function BMS.
  • Completely compatible with original power tools and chargers.


Temperature Comparison

Using 18V 4Ah battery as an example, compare with other brand power tool battery, Neidhart International battery has better performance on the temperature rise comparison.

Drilling Numbers Comparison

The powersport starting batteries are made of Lithium Iron Phosphate(LiFePo4), with less weight but more powerful. Which is perfectly fitted for powersport applications like motorcycle racing, lawn mowers, scooters, UTV, ATV, personal watercraft, dirt bikes, etc.

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