Shaped Cells

Shaped Batteries – Shaped and Spec’d for Efficiency

Custom shaped batteries to fit into any and all available space in your product for maximum efficiency. By utilizing Neidhart’s International proprietary formula in our custom shaped cells, it will empower you against your competition. Neidhart International has high discharge rate technology and fast charging capabilities will allow you to overpower your competitors and lower downtime between uses.


Neidhart International technology not only offers high discharge rates and fast charging but high voltage as well. We produce standard nominal 3.7V LiPo batteries and are also able to mass produce high-voltage batteries at 3.8V & 3.85V. The advantage is the increased energy density, and the best part is that there are no disadvantage.

Shaped Battery Applications

Neidhart International produces high-performance special shaped Batteries for Smart Watch, Smart Wristband, Smart Ring, Medical Equipment (Health Care), Wireless Headphones, AR/VR , Smart Card, Smart Clothing (Heating Clothing, Heating Gloves, Smart shoes ), Tracking Devices, Smart Lock, IoT etc. Our R&D team works closely with clients to provide the best solution for their batteries.


Small LiPo batteries that pack a punch. We are one of the best high-discharge rate battery manufacturers in the world. So, if max efficiency is needed, count on us. Our batteries are unbelievably small and extremely lightweight, but we don’t shy away from larger batteries. Got to give the big ones love too, since they do power a lot of things out there.

We produce shaped batteries based on the application, don’t need the punch but want fast charge or both Done. It’s all a matter of the applications and the special sauces. (Chemistry)

Shaped Battery Forms

  • Ultra Thin
  • Curved
  • Round Lipo
  • Triangle
  • Hexagon
  • Ultra Narrow
  • C Shape
  • D Shape
  • Polygonal

Over 5,000 Batteries to Choose From

  • Don’t have the time or budget? Then this is for you, over 5,000 batteries in various chemistries, sizes, shapes, and capacities.
  • Plenty of batteries to select from and ready to make just for you. Just fill out this form and we’ll try to find the closest match possible.
  • If we match you with the exact one, then it was meant for you. Literally, what are the odds?
  • If we can’t match one, then go custom. Doesn’t hurt to inquire. We’ll work with you and try to make it happen.

Shaped Battery List

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