Fast Charge Battery

Fast Charge Battery

Today is an era of high efficiency and speed, and the charging speed of lithium batteries is also what many people care about. To satisfy this need, Neidhart International has invested a lot of research and development in the field of lithium battery charging. At present, fast charging is one of our core technologies, which can realize 3C and 5C fast charging, improve charging efficiency and greatly shorten the charge time.

What is a Fast Charge Battery?

Fast charge battery refers to a battery that can be filled with 80% or 100% in a short time. By changing the electrolyte formulation of the battery to withstand high current and fully charge in a short time, fast charging is a technology to manage power transmission, which makes current to reach a higher level, which is the biggest feature of fast charge battery.

Use this diagram to illustrate the process of charging the battery. The abscissa is time and the ordinate is voltage. The lithium battery is charged in the constant current charging process CC for the purpose of fast charging. When the voltage reaches the upper limit voltage, it is adjusted to constant voltage CV charging to make the battery charge saturated.

Throughout the process, different standard charging currents are available for different batteries. For example, for 3C product battery standards, 0.1C-0.5C is generally selected, while for high-power power batteries, standard charging is generally 1C. Choosing a lower charging current also takes into account the safety of the battery. Therefore, the fast charge that is usually said means that it is several times higher than the standard charging current.

Why Do We Need a Fast Charge Battery?

Long endurance is ideal, but the problem is that the big battery usually requires a longer time to be fully charged. However, it is impractical to wait for them to be fully charged especially when the time is tight. Since fast charging can provide the battery as much power as possible in a short time, this technology allows the higher-capacity batteries to be fully charged in less time.

Fast charging is becoming a mainstream charging technology because it saves time and improves efficiency. As the fast charging technology has gradually matured, more and more products have begun to apply fast charging, such as mobile phones, drones, electric tools, emergency power supplies, wearable products, etc. The users are enjoying the benefits of fast charging.

Why Should We Choose Neidhart International Fast Charge Battery?

Neidhart International battery has adopted the stacking technology while applying Neidhart International’s unique high power electrode formulation and manufacturing process, the batteries of fast charging and discharging at different rates can be designed. Neidhart International is the largest manufacturer for the Chinese high magnifying power lithium polymer battery, the fast charging is based on the high power cell, and it is also one of the Neidhart International’s core technology. It has the following advantages:


Fast Charging

Our batteries can be charged with up to 3C or 5C, which is three times faster than the regular battery charging time. It greatly saves the charging time and increases the battery efficiency.


Stable Temperature

During the fast charging process, the temperature will rise stably. The surface temperature of the battery will not exceed 65 degrees Celsius.


Durable & safe

After fast charging over 500 times, still remained up to 80% capacity.

Corresponding to IEC, UL, PSE, UN38.3 and other lithium battery safety standards.

Battery Cell Parameter Table

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