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Agricultural Drone Battery

Since 2013, Neidhart International has been committed to R&D and innovation in the field of agricultural plant protection battery. Currently, our market share of plant protection battery has far surpassed that of its peers. With the vigorous development of the plant protection industry, Neidhart International has a comprehensive knowledge for the needs and pain points of plant protection batteries. We hope that every detail can be done to the perfect, which will definitely bring users a more secure experience. As the power support for agricultural drones, its reliability during the operation is still the core of our optimization. In 2018, Neidhart International released three new series of smart batteries, which can meet the performance and price requirements of all levels of users.


  • Self-heating while in low temperature
  • Health self-examination function
  • Abnormity recording function
  • Waterproof and dustproof function
  • Historical information storage function
  • Charging protection function
  • Communication protection function
  • Intelligent protection function
  • Fire prevention function
  • Port for charging and discharging

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