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Wearable Battery


We have been into the field of research, development, and production of novel shaped batteries since 2013. Adapting the industry-leading stacking technology, we are the top manufacturer of novel wearable batteries in the country. We have been cooperating with many world’s 500 companies since established.

Neidhart International Wearable Battery Features

High energy density

Specific energy density up to 460Wh/L lightweight, low-temperature performance, high rate of charge and discharge

High spatial utilization 

Flexible size can be customized, any special shape, such as: curve, circle, etc., the thinnest can reach 0.4mm

High operating voltage

Specific energy density up to 460Wh/L lightweight, low-temperature performance, high rate of charge and discharge

High safety

No fire, no explosion, if there is short circuit, over charge, over discharge, shock, vibration and other state of acupuncture

Fast charge

Fast charge cycle, the maximum C-rate can reach 40C, no memory effect

Long cycle life

The recovery rate after 500 cycles was more than 80%

Wide application temperature range

Can be used normally in high temp battery 20~80℃,low temp battery -40~50℃ could be specially designed

No pollution

Neidhart International has passed IS09001 quality system certification and products are through ROHS, CE, UL, Reach, UN38. 3, MSDS and other certification.



In order to maximize the usage of internal space and the battery’s capacity. Round shaped batteries are most suitable for round shaped smartwatches. Round or close to round shaped batteries are the best choice for smartwatches currently

Smart Wristband

The use of curved batteries in smart wristbands makes it fit more closely to the user’s wrist. It provides more comfortable wearing experiences.

Medical Equipments

To meet the various requirements in sizes of medical equipment, customized novel shaped batteries are the most ideal solution. It provides a large capacity for long working hours.

Wireless Headphones

Round or curved novel batteries can make the most use of the internal space of Bluetooth headphones. It offers large capacity and longer listening hours for our favorite music

Various Consumer Electronics

Customized novel shaped lipo batteries can be made to fit in different designs of consumer electronic devices.

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